Porfirio Diaz en Guanajuato

The year was 1910 and the current president of Mexico, General Porfirio Díaz had the honor of celebrating the centenary of the country’s independence. At 80 years of age and after 33 years in power, the “porfiriato” as his rule was known, seemed to be at its height: industrialization, commercial development and, above all, public works, had all blossomed during his administration.

Guanajuato was one of Don Porfirio’s favorite venues for demonstrating Mexico’s prosperity. The Juárez Theater, the State legislature, the Hidalgo Market, the Cuajín tunnel, the sculpture of Hidalgo and the Plaza de la Paz are testament to the numerous visits that the General paid to the Bajío region and his attempts to forge an enduring and unforgettable legacy.

Today, the monuments still stand, silent witnesses to the progress of a whole age, but Don Porfirio ended his reign in more melancholy circumstances, just a few short years after the centenary celebrations.