La leyenda de los Carcamanes

This story begins with the arrival of two German brothers - Nicholas and Arthur Karlkaman - to a place called Guanajuato, where their surname was altered somewhat and they became known as the Brothers Carcamán, and where they set up as businessmen.

As time went on, they amassed a great fortune and built a house where both of them lived. And nobody paid much attention to how they lived, until one morning, the neighbors began to notice a stinking, nauseating stench coming from the house. After waiting for several days and finding that nobody either came or went, they decided they would have to break the door down.

What they found was the floor completely soaked with blood and signs everywhere of a violent struggle.

One of the brothers was found dead, with a deep knife wound in his side. The body of the other brother still sat upright in an armchair but his face and body were badly beaten and in his throat was a gaping hole, where the knife that killed him was still stuck.

A few hours later, word went round that another body had been found - that of one of the neighbors, her corpse stretched out on the floor of her house in a pool of blood and knife wounds like the ones that had killed the Carcamanes.

The dead woman had been engaged to one of the brothers, until one day he discovered that she was seeing the other brother behind his back. The first brother stabbed his fiancé through the heart with the knife, and then went home to patiently await the arrival of his sibling. Then began a fight that only ended when one of them was dead. But then the other, collapsed in the armchair, began to mull over what he had done and finally, taking the knife and thrusting it through his throat, ended his own life too.

It is said, that if you pass along here in the dark of night, close to house number 10 in the Plazuela de Carcamanes, you can hear their cries - and their screams; t heir spirits still wandering, bewailing that great betrayal.