La leyenda del Callejón de Cabecita

A few steps from the Teatro Principal, we find the Callejón Cabecita. This alleyway is famous because, during the colonial era, in one of the houses that line the narrow street, there lived a very jealous husband who was married to a beautiful and much coveted wife who, he suspected, was less than faithful.

One day, he decided to find out the truth for himself and came home early from work. And all his suspicions were confirmed. In a jealous rage, he began punching his wife’s lover, driving him into the street. Then, he rushed back to the bedroom and, before she had the chance to do or say anything he grabbed her and dragged her out of the house into the alley. There, he unsheathed his razor-sharp sword, and swept her head from her shoulders.

And then, he took a rope, tied it to his wife’s hair, and hung her head from a lamp post, where he left it, as a lesson to all unfaithful wives.