La leyenda del Cantador

Ever since he was a little boy, Jose Carpio had enjoyed life. The son of a miner and born on a mining site, somehow he inherited a spirit that was sensitive to the manifestations of art.

By the age of 22, he was a handsome young man who attracted a lot of attention from young women, as he was the owner of a fine tenor voice and things could really hot up when, to the accompaniment of his ever-present guitar, he would sing a serenade under the balcony of some beautiful girl.

Every day, his fame grew greater; so much so that he became known only as “El Cantador” - The Singer.

But one unhappy day, misfortune fell upon him and his father was killed in a mining accident. José suffered his loss so deeply that he abandoned the guitar and forgot music altogether, never to play again.

He threw himself into his mining work, and finally, one lucky day, he and his team struck a rich vein. With this, they set up their own business buying and selling mineral ore.

And then, strangely, as José grew ever more prosperous, the guitar, which had stayed silent for so long, began to be heard again, filling the air with cheerful melodies, but now with deeper feeling and greater expressiveness; and only long after nightfall. The surrounding neighbors, who loved the music, never ventured out to see if it was actually José who was playing, thinking, “Well who else could it be?”

And so, gradually, the area around the Jardín de las Flores became both famous and lost its name, becoming forever known as “El Cantador”.

And, although José left us many, many years ago, the people who live around the park swear that in the wee hours of the morning, you can still hear José’s voice and his haunting guitar.