La leyenda de LA LLORONA

During Spanish colonial rule, the growing town of Real de Minas de Quanaxhuato, as it still was, there was a beautiful, alluring young girl; and suitors came from far and wide to court this daughter of a wealthy Spanish family.

Her parents kept a close watch on her, but the men who sought her never tired of trying. One morning, at the young lady’s balcony, there mysteriously appeared a rope, hanging all the way down to the street.

The door to the balcony stood ajar; the bed had not been slept in; and the room was empty. The servant ran to sound the alarm.

After she was recovered, the beautiful girl was found to be pregnant and so the family tried to cover it up and, to avoid a scandal, they made her get rid of it. The result was that the girl completely lost her mind and, after a time, no more was heard of her.

According to legend, from one of the houses that gives onto the underground Calle Subterránea, you can see a woman emerging, dressed completely in white, her long hair flowing out behind her. And in her arms is a little bundle wrapped in rags. She walks slowly through the streets until she comes to a door and places the bundle on the step. She walks a few steps then suddenly stops. Sorry for what she’s done, she lets out a long, terrible, sorrowful, bloodcurdling shriek, enough to make even the bravest of us tremble.

And they say, that if you hear that terrible, gloomy sound, one of your loved ones will die.